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Klash 9 Low Float

Klash 9 Low Float


The oldest brother in the Tiny Klash family. This versatile bait will attract the prize bass in the lake.  The unique quality of this bait is the angler's ability to change the action of the bait based upon the placement of the lip and tail. Comes with 1 set of eyes, 2 lips, and 3 tails.

Configuration Options:
Lip in/Tail up: when you throw the bait out, retrieve it slow. With the lip in and tail up, the bait becomes a standard wake bait. If you reel the bait in faster, it will dive like a crankbait or a sub-surface wakebait creating a uniform action and tight wobble.

Lip in /Tail down: creates a unique action. Instead of a side to side swimming action, the body moves back and forth leaving a wake in it's path.

Lip out /Tail up: This is going to be a walking topwater bait, like a spook or frog with a bit more buoyancy and water disturbance.
Lip out /Tail down: This configuration will allow anglers to do complete 180 degree turns.

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