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My Bass Story

It all began with a young man's desire to escape stress.  As I was attempting to navigate the demands of supporting a young family, I thought fishing was the answer to relieving my stress; and needless to say, I was HOOKED.  I became an unofficial expert on all the trends connected to bass fishing, but often found myself studying a new lure I had bought and thinking, "If only the eyes were downcast or the purple had just a brighter sheen."  Now a decade later, self-taught, I can customize my lures by painting blanks that replecate most of the most popular brands on the market.  Because the market is limited, it is often a trial to find knock offs of high quality. This frustration has lead me to offer other fishermen an on-line store where they can find high quality blanks that mirror some of the most popular brands trending in the bass fishing world. 

Giving Back
Custom Orders

Like the idea of customized lures, but can't paint? Or don't have the time? Alternative Lures is happy to accomodate customers' desires by providing customized lures.  Contact us through our contact page to place your own custom lure order.

The lures on this page are painted by Alternative Lures. For more samples of lures painted by Alternative Lures email us at

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