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Diawa Steez A ll TW 1000H Casting Reel JDM

Diawa Steez A ll TW 1000H Casting Reel JDM


Daiwa 23 Steez A2 TW 1000 2023- 2023 model debut!

Steez A2 (II) TW is the modified Daiwa high-end Steez SV with aluminum alloy body to be used in tournament fishings in the USA. Hyper Drive Design system is employed to keep the initial smooth gearing and friction-less performance for longer. Highly praised brake system Mag-Z Boost controls spool speed automatically to extend casting distance and to prevent backlash quite effectively. Its flat bottom spool is now a bit shallow version to pursue better casting performance. Handle is 90mm long power handles with newly employed I shaped knobs for better manipulation. TWS T shaped level winder system let lines move more freely in casting to add about 5% more casting distance. Mag-seal ball bearing is employed at pinion gear for improved salt-resistance.

Very solid aluminum alloy body frame, palm-cup set plate and gear side plate
Mag-Z Boost brake system, with 20 level adjustable from outside
Machined G1 air craft grade extra strong duralumin spool
TWS T shaped level winder
ATD automatic tournament drag system offers upgraded smooth drag
Line alarm clicks when lines are pulled out
Zaion carbon palming cup
Swayed handle 90mm long
Salt resistant ball bearings
Mag-seal ball bearing at pinion for more durability
Clicking aluminum long arm star drag

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